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Tumblr Feed

The Tumblr account is taking over the work of this sketch blog, due to the fact that it's a highly trafficked site that can bring more exposure than an on-site blog, and it serves the same purpose. You can find the link here:

Red Back

With "Sissy's Issues" finished, finally, there's a deluge of inspired sketch work coming out that I'd been itching to do. There may be more of these in the days to come.

There's an upcoming story in Original Life that has some more Red in it. I've always fiddled around with just how I want her body to be. I never liked the long ottery look, but I tried to give her torso a little more length, here, basically be elongated a rather thin waist. Still not sure if I'm sold on it, but it's not bad. Trying to give her the body of a thin Irish girl who started running a zillion miles a day and working out when she became an adult. She's my favorite femme fatale.

Samantha Sketches

Some Samantha practice to help set the tone in my mind for an upcoming comic featuring her. I wanted to give her a greater air of authority, keeping with my intention of moving her away from being the brainless easy slutbag from a few earlier drawings. I also thought it would be neat to give her primarily a canine focus due to her being moulded into what she is by Priscilla. In my bourbon-fueled shading haze, I added digital shading to the opposite side of the sketch shading to the sketch that's on the upper right. Oh well.

Click on the small image for the full size.

Zoe's Back 2

A Zoe pic that I didn't maintain the inspiration to finish. Nonetheless, it looks shareable, so I put on some super-fast shades. She's not really showing her flexibility prowess, here, but I've been drawing Trixie's friends some more in anticipation of starting up a project with them as soon as I'm finished with the current comic in progress.

Penelope the Nature Girl

A morning warm-up sketch. This is the manifestation of an idea for another one of Trixie's nudist community friends. I get to draw all these free-expression all-natural granola girls and they're not out of place in that kind of enclaved nudist culture. After I finish the current comic I'm doing, I'll be belting out a real short story that I have which will add some more characterization to some of Trixie's friends, beyond just the drawings they've been a part of so far.

That thing around her neck is a fat buddha necklace.

Pregnant Meesy!

A little sketch to get the day finished. There's an upcoming plot arc in Original Life featuring a few flashback moments which may also involve shots of Elizabeth pregnant with any one of the kids. So, I thought I'd make that the subject of some idle scribbling.

Samantha Hanging Out - Shades

A little work in progress here. I decided to show some of the softer shade brushes I was using. I've had Samantha on the brain for the past few days, and I'm spending a lot of after-work time on her. Stories are manifesting.

Flexible Zoe Scribbles

Some practice sketches for Zoe, just working with making the usual model bend into contortionist poses. Some are more difficult than I anticipated, and there's still the issue of studying proper balance for single foot standing.


New character! I don't know much about her personality, yet, but I have a cursory understanding of what she does. One word: pretzel.

Still not sure about human lips on furries, but we'll see how it this pans out.

Too Cool for Pants

This is an old sketch of Trixie that I never got around to posting for some reason. Maybe I was saving it for something? I can't remember. Anyway... bottomless cuties never deserve to be overlooked.

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