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Sissy's Trouble

Oh, Sissy. What have you gotten into, now?


Derpy humanized. The true derpness of derp eyes looked too inhuman for me to go along with in this interpretation.


A character modernization of Miko, who's only appeared in Original Life for about two frames. Red pandas have a weird inverse color pattern, so I drew it here in a full body image after I fussed around with her hair a little bit.

Aron Redux

Aron's been needing a redesign for a long time. He's supposed to be a siamese cat, but for a while no one could tell with his old design, until I mentioned it. A lot of people mistook him for a hyena, despite having no spots and a blunt nose. His original design is very old and no longer pleases me. I have no qualms about complete redesigns in cases like this. He's a siamese cat. His parents escaped South Vietnam in the 1970s and came to the United States. It's a history I never mentioned before, but always had in my mind.

I also wanted to illustrate him in a different light with this sketch. He's always been depicted as some kind of goofy clown or a boy-toy, but I wanted to show him with some air of competence in this case, during moments when he has an important task. He's probably working on the backup engine of Beth's boat, which they live on much of the time.

Human Zecora

I'm finding the conversion of these characters to human form to be fun during sketch time. I have a weakness for voodoo women, so this was my natural next step. I still like Erzile's hair better than the mohawk look, but I'm drawing from an existing creation.

This was done after work while passing time in front of the television.

Sissy's Shirt

This was a practice in loose dress shirts, using Sissy's young form. Getting the natural wrinkles is harder than one might think. Will probably color this.

Sissy's Bro

A quick colored sketch to come up with a possible design for Sissy's brother. He probably smokes a lot of pot and makes a living selling sculptures he makes out of driftwood.

Sissy as a Teenager

The concept for a future project called "Cheaters", featuring Sissy and her husband, Brice, has evolved into a greater expose about Sissy herself, and her depraved and unacceptable sexual antics. This caused me to go all the way back to her high school days for this project, and a suitable teenage design was needed.

And because I'm an unapologetic racist, all bunnies in my stories are uncontrollable whores and lunatics.

Civil Disobedience

A bit of late-night inspiration after work. The sign will say something like "nudity prohibited" or somesuch. I realize that's sort of a no-no for nudists or whatever "community" they have, so I'm still debating making this a nighttime piece.

Mary Ann Schemes

Some line art I did in a burst of inspiration last night. Suitable for coloring later.

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